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If you have questions about organizing your post-production workplace, your best bet is to speak directly to an Editors Guild organizer. Rob Callahan is the Guild’s National Organizer and directs the union’s organizing activities; Preston Johnson is the Guild’s L.A. Organizer working on campaigns in the Los Angeles area. You can reach an organizer through the contact form on this website, through email, or by phone at 818.925.MPEG.


Through this website, though, you can find answers to some of the more commonly asked questions by following the links below.

What is organizing?

What are my legal rights as an employee?

What’s the Editors Guild? What’s the IATSE?

Whom does the Editors Guild represent? And where?

What’s in a union contract?

Are all union contracts the same?

How do health insurance and retirement benefits work under a union contract?

What is a scale rate? If I’m making more than the union scale rate now, will organizing this job make my rate go down?

What are union dues?

I am already paid well on my non-union gig. Why would I be interested in having a union contract?

Aside from union contracts with health and pension benefits, what does the Editors Guild have to offer its members?

What can we do to unionize more of our industry?

What are the arguments against unionizing?

How can I find out more about organizing?

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