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What can we do to unionize more of our industry?

Just as any given crew is stronger when all their members stand united, our entire profession is stronger when more post-production work is performed under union contracts. The Editors Guild has an imperative to organize a greater share of post-production work performed in the United States, especially in those sectors of the industry -- e.g., post facilities, digital labs, trailer houses, unscripted television, commercial editing -- that now remain largely non-union.


Here are a few of the ways in which individual members and prospective members can help to secure more union work:


  • Share the information on this website and share our Post, Proud video with your network of colleagues, especially those who often work non-union jobs;

  • If you have experience working union jobs, explain to colleagues who only work non-union the advantages of union employment;

  • Participate in conversations on social media and other forums for post-production employees; and

  • When you are working a non-union job, contact a Guild organizer to speak confidentially about your employer.


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