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World Poker Tour (WPT Enterprises, Inc.) deals dirty!


World Poker Tour and Alpha 8 employ crews of skilled post-production professionals who work hard to craft the best poker programming on television. 


On December 1, 2015, negotiators for WPT Enterprises reached an agreement with the union representing WPT's post-production employees. The agreement included a provision that would lift contractual wage scales for WPT Enterprises somewhat closer to established industry standards. (Pay rates for WPT have historically been far below the wages paid by producers of other television shows.) 


Shortly after reaching agreement at the bargaining table on December 1, WPT management renounced a key component of that deal, refusing to increase wage scales to the agreed-upon levels. Instead, they insisted on a new pay schedule that represents only a negligible improvement upon prior rates. In fact, the pay rates WPT is demanding would result in contractual wages for some post-production employees falling below the Los Angeles minimum wage in 2017!  As a result of its dishonest dealing, WPT now faces Unfair Labor Practice charges pending before the National Labor Relations Board. 


If WPT can't be trusted to honor the deal it makes at the bargaining table, can it be trusted to play fair at the poker table?

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