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Jimmy Tartanella
Editor, Last Comic Standing


“We want to have a career in this industry. And it’s very hard to have a career as a freelancer when [non-union employers] do not give pension and healthcare. ... For longevity, I really want to see pension and healthcare, because I can say, ‘This is my career and I have a future.’” 

La-Aja Hernandez
Assistant Editor, Face Off


“We work really hard in this industry. I love it, but, as hard as we work, we deserve to get a fair wage, we deserve to get medical and healthcare, we deserve to have a retirement plan.”

Tim Wilsbach
Editor, Hot Set


"When you get together and ... you collectively decide something, the power you have ... it's huge. And it's so much more powerful than your voice alone in your edit room, complaining."

Voices from Local 700 and IATSE Organizing Campaigns


Those who can best explain why post-production professionals should organize are those post-production professionals who have themselves stood up and stood together with their colleagues to win improvements in their jobs. Below are a few of the organizing campaign veterans featured in our Post, Proud video, discussing the organizing process in their own words.

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